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Week 5 DQ#1

Week 5 DQ#1 due day 3

Week 5 DQ#1 due day 5

Be sure you use APA 6thedition formatting for all your work!

Using a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 350 words [word count does not include citations and references] (5 points):

  1. Find a PEER-REVIEWED nursing research article that is 5 years old or younger on a topic that interests you, and then find one. (You cannot use the same one that you used in the discussion questions or weekly assignments thus far).Ask the librarians to help you if you are having problems.
  2. Save that article to your hard drive as a PDF file.
  3. Summarize (use your own words – no direct quotes allowed) one section of the article using APA 6thedition formatting for all citations (85 points). Let us know what section you are paraphrasing (i.e., discussion, methods, literature review, findings, etc.) (5 points).
  4. Upload the article as a PDF file into your DQ response in the classroom (5 points), so we can all read it.

Grading Rubric (points out of 100)

Word count maintained = 5 points

2 expected outcomes = 90 points total

Upload one PDF article = 5 points

5 + 90 + 5 = 100 points total

Any errors = 0.5 point deduction per error (i.e., grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting, etc.)

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