Writing Assignment #3

16 Jul

Writing Assignment #3

Instructions: Answer the following questions in at least 200 words total.

Write a detailed paragraph about the following:

How does the Rowlandson’s Narrative compare with other Puritan works you’ve read this week like those by Bradstreet — that show triumph or redemption after suffering?

Suggestion: First discuss how Rowlandson does this and then compare/contrast it to and Bradstreet. I don’t need quotes. But you really need to think about how each author/poet addresses suffering in his/her works. Then, think about what each author/poet is saying about the purpose of that suffering. Keep in mind that Puritans considered suffering to be part of life and that their belief in God could “save them.” Think about how each of this week’s writers depicts this suffering. Is it something that their belief in God alone can save them from? Is it okay to mistreat others in the name of God? Does all suffering really God’s punishment or is it more a part of living–like childbirth, broken heart, death of a spouse, etc.?



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