Freakonomics Project

12 Jul

Freakonomics Project
One of the authors of our book, Steve Levitt, has published a series of books called
Freakonomics. They focus on using situations which don’t seem economical on the surface, but
have really deep economics within them. For this project, I want each student to pick a chapter
out of his first book, and write a short reflection paper on it. To keep things easy, I have also had
two of the better chapters uploaded to the library’s e-reserves so that you don’t even have to
purchase the book! The link to the e-reserves is here: . The
password to access the book can be found by clicking on “Course Information” under the Home
menu here in Blackboard.
Now, I picked these two chapters because I think they’ll have a broad audience. There are two
others in the book which are both really good, but a little more controversial (The library would
only let me upload two chapters). If you are interested in gun control, crime, or abortion, I
encourage you to find a copy of this book and read one of those chapters. Here is an amazon link
to the book as well (They have some used copies for under $10):
Here are the requirements of the paper:

3-5 pages, double spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch margins
o I would consider a 3 page paper as having 2 full pages of content as well as a third
page that has at least 10 lines on it (I was an undergrad not too long ago).
Answer the following questions:

o What is the chapter about? (Prove to me you read it. You could spend a whole
page on this!)
o Do you agree with Levitt’s findings? (Feel free to disagree, but back up why)
o Are there any other situations where you see the same problem?
o Have you ever encountered this problem or one of a similar nature? (If so,
describe it)

o (Include any general thoughts or well justified opinions as well).
Other details:

Don’t fret the details: I’m not a stickler for your writing abilities.
This is a great opportunity to earn some easy points in this class. The grading will be
generous, so don’t skip it.


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