essay #1

12 Jul

Consult the textbook, chapter 4. Write a coherent document in which you explain Edelin’s case  and answer the following question. According to Massachusetts law, because the fetus was never outside the womb, should Edelin ever have been charged with manslaughter? Support your answer with reasons. 

To receive credit for an essay assignment a student must respond to a specific prompt and the response must:

(a) be written in clear, cohesive and grammatical English

(b) address, in a straightforward way, the issue raised by the prompt.

(c) contain a bare minimum of quoted material (* AT MOST 10% * of the total number of words of the assignment can be quotation)!!!!

(d) be original work (not plagiarized). Please, remember that all papers are run through Turnitin software that checks for originality.

(e)contain a bare minimum of 1000 words.

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