Business Finance – Management

12 Jul

Carefully read the scenario before writing your positive news message Scenario: Direct Request: Company Luncheon

As an event planner for your company, you are charged with obtaining bids for a luncheon.  Yesterday, your planning committee finalized the following event details and needs:

  • Date: November 15
  • Number of people expected to attend: 200
  • Time: 12-2 pm
  • Meal Budget: $30 per person
  • Needs: audio system, seating for 200, and menu options including vegetarian

Your task: Write a direct request email to Rhonda Heffer, the Event Coordinator at the Hyatt.   You should request a bid (price) for the use of a Hyatt event space that meets the requirements specified above.  Remember to provide enough information in your request for Ms. Heffer to respond with an accurate price or estimate.



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