literacy autobiography essay

07 Jul


In this essay you will write a story of your writing experiences—it could be in both your native and second or foreign language(s). Consider your entire life, including pre-school years, and do not limit yourself to school experiences. The experiences should be arranged in chronological order.

Below are some areas of your experience to consider.

· The type of writing you have done

· The reasons you had/chose to write them

· Ways you were taught to write—in school or at home

· Structure of the kinds of writing you have done

· Ways you write best

· Your preferred writing environment

· People who influenced your writing

· Influential authors, peer, or texts (books, poems, stories, screenplays, etc.)

You need not write about all of these areas nor follow this order in your paper. The purpose of thinking about these topics is to help you recover and arrange relevant memories.

Be sure that you meet the following requirements: 

● No less than 600 words, double-spaced (not including the Works Cited, if applicable)

● MLA Format and Citation Style


Ø To practice using description and analysis in a 1st person narrative as tools for writing for a specific audience and purpose.

Ø To invite you to consider your past and present literacy practices and to think about the relationship of these to your life now, as well as their implications.

Ø To help you develop critical thinking ability, specifically help you think about literacy more broadly than before.

Writing Skills to Practice

Ø First person narrative using vivid, relevant details (showing vs. telling)

Ø Analysis that connects specific details to larger ideas in a meaningful way

Ø Style and content appropriate for the intended audience and delivery

Ø Strategies of invention and revision that suggest a thoughtful writing process

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