Are Russia and the United States in a New Cold War?

07 Jul


  • Please carefully read explanations that appear in the course syllabus!
  • This week you have been assigned an Issue from Taking Sides which addresses the following question: “Are Russia and the United States in a New Cold War?”
  • This assignment offers you an opportunity to critically assess both sides of the argument (there could be more than two sides, but we are only discussing two here!)  First, read both sides of the issue. Then, explain whether each perspective passes what we might call the “critical assessment test.” Here, you might assess the logic, examples and conclusions that each author is using to make his or her case.  Finally, explain what your perspective is on the above question. Do you agree with one side or the other? Explain.
  • Make sure to draw on An Introduction to Global Studies in your assessment of the issue.  Cite accordingly.  Does this reading offer evidence or arguments that lend support to one side or the other of the argument, for example?




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