Exercise: APA Punctuation and italics

06 Jul
  1. Exercise: APA Punctuation and italics


The independent variables were partner’s gender, audience size and criterion for success.


The confederate, who was going to agree with the participant, always spoke up before the confederate, who was going to disagree with the participant.


The possibilities were suggested by Miller, Galanter and Pribram (1960).


He clarified the distinction between “farther” and “further.”




Miele (1993) found that “the “placebo effect,” which had been verified in previous studies, disappeared when studied in this manner” (p. 276).


APA codes 4.01-4.11

Add or delete 12 individual punctuation marks


  1. Exercise: Capitalization


The Theory of Intrinsic Job Satisfaction of Hackman and Oldham (1980) describes principles of job redesign.

Both the Governor and the Mayor were interviewed for the study.

APA codes: 2.04, 4.14-4.20

Every sentence has one or more letters to be changed






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