Reflection Paper

03 Jul

Reflection Paper

This paper is meant to help you reflect not only on what you have learned in this class, but how it impacts you as a teacher.  Research has shown that teachers (and professionals in general) who reflect on their practice contribute to the success of their students and themselves (Schön, 1983; 1987).

As a guide, you should think about these questions:

What type of teacher will I be?

How can I incorporate these ideas into my classroom practice specific to my domain of interest (e.g., math)?

You must address the diverse needs of the students in your class and this includes everything from socioeconomic status, cognitive and social issues, gender, race, and religion.

RUBRIC FOR Reflection

This paper should be, at minimum, 2-3 pages (double spaced, 12-point font).

Clarity is the key.  I’m looking for your analysis using your words.  The writing should be academic. I’m looking for your synthesis of the material using your words.  The writing should be academic using appropriate citation (e.g., APA) guidelines.  I’m less concerned with correctness and more concerned with your ability to interpret the readings and express your thinking.

If you choose to use outside sources, make sure they are properly cited (APA is the standard in Educational Studies/Research).

Proofread.  There should be no misspellings, grammar errors, or colloquialisms used.

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