Essay about analyzing two films

03 Jul

Essay about analyzing two films


4 pages, 1.5 spaces, 12points, TimeNR


Two films: the great Nicholas Ray film, “Bigger Than Life”,” then the amazing Douglas Sirk melodrama “Written on the Wind.”



            According to our reading (article from Spurr), sight and seeing are major mechanisms in control and power.Meanwhile, the 1950’s brought a new corporatized world into view, the world of the “Man in the Gray Flannel” suit, which we see in full bloom, and breaking down, in the films Bigger Than Life and Written on the Wind.


For essay

Part 1. In essay, consider the hidden relationships between sight/seeing and state power/control in the films of the midcentury.


Part 2. How do films, and these films in particular function? Make sure you discuss the work of David Spurr and Laura Mulvey in writing.


Part 3. Should be specific talk about actual shots in the films as well as perspective/story/characters in the works.  In your opinion would these films change the public’s perspective or consolidate power towards the conservatism of the period? Why? Back up your opinion with evidence.



***I also provide some other sources for you, which may give you some help.



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