Advantage of Fielded data for data analysis

03 Jul


Advantage of Fielded data for data analysis

The term “fielded data” means data are stored in specified locations in a table, and usually according to specified formats, such as using only M/F consistently to designate a patient’s biological sex. Another example is the patient’s laboratory results in numeric form. This data can be placed into a specific Field in the database, to be retrieved later.

Data that are not fielded are considered free-form, such as narrative paragraphs and unstructured statements in text. Consider and compare the advantages of using the fielded data approach when searching our medical records system for patients who may need care reminders or quality reviews for care appropriateness.

For this assignment, develop and explain examples of:

  1. Two (2) kinds of studies or information requests from payment entities or government agencies (like CMS or the CDC) that you think may be most quickly or accurately done using structured and fielded data.
    1. Identify fielded data that is relevant to each study.
    2. Indicate purpose of the fielded data to the study.


  1. Two (2) or three (3) kinds of studies or payer requirements that could require using narrative text such as physician’s or nurses’ notes in records.
    1. Identify narrative data that is relevant to each study.
    2. Indicate purpose of the narrative data in the study.

You may find it useful to consult literature or websites to help you develop examples of studies. However, all such references need to be fully identified, and the paper needs to be written in your own words, not quoted items. Ensure there is intro and summary

Your paper should use proper spelling/grammar and be (2) pages long.



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