Unit 5 New Employee Presentation

04 Apr

Unit 5 New Employee Presentation

Create: New Employee Presentation

Estimated time to complete:

Evaluation Title: New Employee Presentation

Assume the role of a manager at ABC Corporation.  You have just hired 5 new team members.

  • Prepare an 8 to 10 slide PowerPoint presentation for the new employees that highlights information about the role and structure of this team.
    • Describe the team structure.  Select one of the following types of teams: task force, cross-functional team, virtual team, or self-managing team).
    • Explain how this type of team is expected to function.
    • Describe how team members will be held accountable.
    • Provide guidelines for how team members should communicate with one another and with the manager.
    • Provide guidelines for how team members should handle conflicts with one another and when the manager should be involved.
  • Utilizing one or more motivational strategies, provide an inspirational start and close to the presentation.
  • Include speaker notes on each slide with the information above.
  • Complete additional research on leadership styles to support ideas.
  • Utilize correct APA formatting, cite and reference materials appropriately.
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