Business Finance – Operations Management

04 Apr

“Groups have their place and their pitfalls” (Robbins & Judge, 2017, pg. 277). A cohesive and diverse group can produce strong finished products pending several factors. I have worked in both types of groups, one that worked ahead of schedule and all involved were eager to do well, and the other group had members that did not do their part. Group projects rely on every single person to complete their part. Having a group that is not only will show a higher participation rate but, those participants will seek to work together again. An important part of creating such a group is placing members together that each has strong attributes and values. Typically, groups that work well together will experience successful projects. They learn to depend on each other time after time to achieve similar results. Not only that, but the team also communicates well. In a previous group that I worked in, we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to text each other for 4 weeks to complete the project. We all worked individually but would get online for an hour or so a week to bring the project together. It has been the best team I have worked with because we all were working toward the same goal. “ One of the factors which influence cohesiveness is similarity of attitudes and value” (, n.d.). We all had the project in common. And, we all were organized and time conscious. I hope to work in a group like that again. I would agree that groups who have these qualities are more successful.




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