03 Apr

Chapter 17 –

  1. “Or Does it Explode?” refers to what?
  2. Who was Richard Wright?
  3. Who was Angelo Herndon?
  4. What were the “Freedom Rides” ?
  5. According to Zinn, how did the Kennedy administration fail in its support of the Civil Rights Movement?


Chapter 18 –

  1. What are the Pentagon Papers and why are they Zinn’s main source of information in this chapter?
  2. Why does Zinn call the Vietnam War the “Impossible Victory?”
  3. According to Zinn, why was the National Liberation Front (NLF) so successful against the U.S. and South Vietnamese armies?
  4. Who was Ron Kovic?
  5. Explain this quote: “We lost the war in the Mississippi valley, not the Mekong valley.”

Chapter 19 –

  1. What was Betty Friedan’s “Feminine Mystique?”
  2. Why is this chapter simply called “Surprises?”
  3. How did the turmoil of the 60s affect Prison Inmates and American Indians?
  4. Why does Zinn criticize the plea bargaining system in our courts?

Chapter 20 –

  1. What were the Church and Pike Committees?
  2. What does Zinn say about Nixon’s resignation after the Watergate scandal?
  3. Why does Zinn condemn the two large corporations, ITT and ARAMCO?
  4. What was the “Mayaguez Affair?”

Chapter 21 –

  1. What is the “Carter-Reagan-Bush Bipartisan Consensus?”
  2. What is Zinn’s opinion on the presidency of Jimmy Carter?
  3. On page 568-569 describe the role of multinational corporations in international affairs.
  4. What is Zinn’s opinion on President Bush’s (the first one) victory against Iraq?


Chapter 22 –

  1. What is Zinn’s message in this chapter?
  2. Who were the Ploughshares 8?
  3. Why does Zinn doubt the media’s claim that the Reagan and Bush elections in the 1980s were “landslide victories?”
  4. Why is low voter turnout good for conservatives and large corporations?
  5. What happened on Columbus Day in 1992?

Chapter 23,24 –

  1. Describe what Zinn means by the “Coming Revolt of the Guards.”
  2. What alternatives does Zinn provide to the crumbling capitalist system now under attack?
  3. What is Zinn’s opinion on the presidency of Bill Clinton?
  4. What is Zinn’s opinion on the presidential election of 2000?


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