History – American history

31 Mar

This paper addresses Japanese Internment during World War II (covered in Lesson 7-24 – Road to War – This Means War and Chapter 24-7 in the Textbook) and an oral history of Grace Sugita-Hawley video, who was a child living in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was bombed. She and her family were forcibly sent to the Mainland Japanese Internment Camps.

This is a reflection essay, much like the one you will write for you Oral History Project where you will “reflect” upon the differences between what you learned about the subject in regular course materials and what you earned from the interview. You must include evidence and analysis of both course materials and the interview video, including the following:

Discuss the impact, change or effect that the video interview had on your knowledge or understanding of  Japanese Internment.  What most surprised you about what you learned from the interview?  What unexpected things did you learn?

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