31 Mar

CHD 203


Resource Book File Format


Use this format for the five (5) books:  At least one book in each category must be either a bilingual book or book in a different language.


Correct bibliography for the book including title, author, copyright, publisher, etc.  Use an acceptable format for the bibliography entry (like from an English class).


Answer the following questions about each book:


  1. This book is developmentally appropriate for what age?
  2. Number of pages in the book
  3. Description of the book in paragraph form.


Take one book and develop one (1) extension activity for the book.  Write out the activity including:

  • When/where to use the activity (ie: in small group, learning center, etc.)
  • Materials needed
  • Explanation of the activity and how it relates to the book (this is extremely important)


Extension activities may include plays, art activities, songs, finger plays, cooking, etc.  To get ideas use a search engine such as Google and search for extension activities for books.  One good site is  Lesson plans are also available on the web.  Check out  If you find a site that is a good resource that you would like to share with your classmates, go to Discussions and click Create Thread to post your information.

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