BIOL 102: Introductory Biology

31 Mar

BIOL 102: Introductory Biology
Science Literacy Assignment
Content: There are many misconceptions about scientific concepts that are widely accepted by the general public. Some
topics include cracking your knuckles cause arthritis and it takes seven years to digest gum. Students are required to
research a topic of their choosing and write a term paper on it following the guidelines below. For assistance in
choosing a topic, please consult the internet or your professor.
Be sure to use credible sources when conducting your literature search. One of the sources MUST be a credible
scientific source such as Science Daily, Science News or Scientific American. Websites ending in .gov, .edu or .org are also
great resources. Make sure that all sources are properly cited within the text and on a References/Works Cited page.
Due Date and Submission: Students will complete this assignment and submit an electronic copy by 11:59 pm on
4/20/18. No paper or email submissions will be accepted; this assignment MUST be submitted via Blackboard. The
assignment may be submitted early, but NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. If a student needs clarification, please
email the instructor as soon as possible. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT IS DUE TO ASK QUESTIONS!
Grading: This assignment will be graded out of 100 points. For a breakdown of points, refer to the second page.
Paper Format: Students are expected to turn in a minimum of 4-pages. Use double-space, 12 pt. Times New Roman font,
and 1-inch margins on all sides of the pages. The first page is the title page. Be sure to include a creative title and use
center alignment. The body of the paper will be a minimum of 2 pages (excluding graphics). The last page will be the
References/Works Cited page.
Failure to comply with format guidelines will result in point deductions.
Drafts: The literacy assignments will be submitted through SafeAssign which is a database that checks for plagiarism.
Students are able and encouraged to submit drafts before the final submission to check the percent similarity
(plagiarized material). The percent similarity must be below 15%. The instructor will not view the drafts unless
requested by the student.
Be sure to write a paragraph describing each of the following:
1) Introductory paragraph
a. Introduce the misconception and give an overview of the paper
2) Describe the misconceptions and why people believe it.
a. Explain the misconception, why people believe the misconception and why it is so widespread.
3) Explain the correct scientific explanation of the phenomenon.
a. What is the real cause of the misconception?
b. What is the actual science underlining the misconception?
4) What is your personal reaction to the topic?
a. Describe your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the issue.
b. Did you believe the misconception?
c. Do you believe it now?
i. Support your stance with facts.
5) Concluding paragraph
a. What is the take-home message of the entire paper?

Grading Breakdown:
Other helpful hints:

Remember to paraphrase when possible and try to avoid direct quotations.
o Be sure to provide in-text citations for information that is not common knowledge or information that
was obtained from a source even when paraphrased.


Explain each of the above points in DETAIL! Write more not less.
Feel free to insert diagrams and pictures that help to illustrate your point. However, please remember that they
are not included in your page count. So if you insert a graphic, then the body of the paper should be longer than
2 pages.
Reread your paper paying close attention to spelling and grammar.
Seek assistance if you require it.
Do not wait until the day before it is due to begin this assignment.


Max pts Category To earn the maximum points
6 pts Format 1-in margins
12 pt Times New Roman font
Minimum of 4 pages: title page, reference page, min 2 page body
12 pts Introduction Briefly introduce the topic and controversy
Give an overview of what the reader should expect
20 pts Misconception Explain the misconception, why people believe the misconception and
why it is so widespread.
20 pts Correct Scientific Explanation Explain the correct scientific explanation underlining the
15 pts Personal Reaction Your feelings and WHY
12 pts Conclusion Concluding remarks
7.5 pts References In-text citations
Correctly formatted references (APA format)
At least one credible source
7.5 pts Originality, Creativity, Effort Minimum direct quotes
Minimum spelling errors
Minimum grammatical errors

Grading Rubric:

Criteria Excellent Above Average Average Below Average
Format Followed all format
6 pts
Missing 1 formatting
4-5 pts
Missing 2 formatting
1-3 pts
Less than 4 pages
0 pts
Introduction Thoroughly introduced
the topic and gave a
complete overview of the
10-12 pts
Adequately introduced
the topic and gave a
satisfactory overview of
the paper
6-9 pts
Inadequately introduced
the topic or gave an
incomplete overview of
the paper
3-5 pts
Provided a poor
overview or no
0-2 pts
Misconception Thoroughly stated and
explained the
misconception and why it
is believable
16-20 pts
Adequately stated and
defined the
misconception and why it
is believable
11-15 pts
Inadequately stated and
defined and/or
explained the how and
5-10 pts
Stated and defined
the NBP but did not
explain the how and
0-4 pts
Thoroughly explains the
correct scientific
16-20 pts
Adequately explains the
correct scientific
11-15 pts
Poorly explains the
correct scientific
5-10 pts
Missing or incorrectly
explains the correct
scientific explanation
0-4 pts
Thoroughly describes and
explains your pre- and
post- opinions using facts
12-15 pts
Adequately describes and
explains your pre- and
post- opinion with little
8-11 pts
Describes and partially
explains your opinion
with little to no factual
4-7 pts
Missing or poor
description and/or
explanation of your
0-3 pts
Conclusions Thoroughly provides
concluding remarks and
delivers a strong take
home message
10-12 pts
Adequately provides
concluding remarks and a
take-home message
7-9 pts
Provides concluding
remarks without a well
defined take-home
4-6 pts
Missing or poorly
concludes the topic
0-3 pts
References Provides proper number
and format of in-text
citations, correctly
formatted references
page and used at least 1
credible source
6-7.5 pts
Missing a couple in-text
citations, correctly
formatted references
page and used at least 1
credible source
4-5 pts
Missing most in-text
citations and/or
2-3 pts
No references page
and/or no in-text
citations and/or no
credible source used
0-1 pts
Effort Less than 5% similarity,
minimum errors and
minimum to no direct
6-7.5 pts
Less than 15% similarity,
some errors and
minimum use of direct
4-5 pts
Less than 15% similarity,
excessive use of direct
quotes and/or errors
reduce readability
2-3 pts
More than 15%
0-1 pts


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