works of science, philosophy, religion, or fiction

28 Mar

A comparison and contrast between two different works of science, philosophy, religion, or fiction. You may choose Choice 1, Choice 2, Choice 3, or Choice 4 from the below list. These are PAIRS and you will work with just one Choice. Therefore, if you wish Choice 1, your paper will discuss required selections from the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Bible. On-line versions are available, as noted. YOU ARE FREE TO USE ANY TRANSLATION OR EDITION YOU WISH. THE ONLINE SOURCES ARE SUGGESTIONS.


From this list, select one pair and write 4 page, double spaced paper in formal academic style.


Consider what each work says about its respective society in which it was written. For 25 points, you need to answer this question in the body of your paper: What does it say about its specific era or society? Each work reflects its own particular society in a unique society. You will need to consider how it does that and how the pieces show the differences between their respective societies. For example, what makes the Epic of Gilgamesh expressly Babylonian and Genesis expressly Hebrew? Why is Pride and Prejudice Regency England and “A Doll’s House” Victorian? You will need to read in Bishop about the works, their eras, and their societies.




Choice 1: Epic of Gilgamesh/Genesis


Epic of Gilgamesh, .Click on Library to access, the click on Mesopotamian


Holy Bible, “Genesis”


Choice 2: Pride and Prejudice/”A Doll’s House”


Pride and Prejudice, Choose A, then scroll down to Austen, Jane. Select Pride and Prejudice (English). Select read on-line.


Ibsen, “A Dolls House” . Choose I, then scroll down


to Ibsen, Henrik. Choose “A Doll’s House-Play” (English) Select read on-line.


Choice 3: On the Revolution of Heavenly Spheres, The Origin of the Species


On the Revolution of Heavenly Spheres, Forward, Letter, To His Holiness, Book One is minimum.


The Origin of the Species,

Choice 4:  The Social Contract, Republic


The Prince by N. Machiavelli,


The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels,

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