Probation & Appeal essay

28 Mar

Can someone write Appeal for reinstatement.

I need to write a 2-page essay.

This is the prompt for the essay:

·  What are the reasons you have not been able to maintain a GPA above 2.00? Consider: (Fail Math &business class)

o  How many hours did you spend each week studying and completing assignments outside of class?

o  Did you complete all of your homework assignments on time? Did you attend all of your classes? If not,

o  what prevented you from doing so?

o  How often did you check Canvas for announcements and other information about your classes?

o  How often did you read and respond to your school email?

o  How have you managed the experience of adjusting to a new culture and being far from home?

Describe what you did to get help when you had difficulty in a class. What resources did you use?

·  If you are reinstated to the Pathway program , what changes will you make so you can meet progression requirements and be successful at university?

·  If you are not allowed to continue studying at this school , what are your plans for the future? You must be enrolled in another school, or you may be required to return to your country.

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