Identify: Employee Rights

28 Mar

Evaluation Title: Employee Rights

Assume the role of a newly hired manager for a large corporation.  There are numerous laws regulating the treatment of employees that need to be understood to ensure the firm remains in compliance.  Disregarding federal laws can have dire consequences on the operation of the firm as well as the employees.


  • In approximately 750 words, examine at least three of the laws that protect the rights of employees.
  • Explain why each law was enacted.
  • From both a legal and ethical standpoint, describe why it is important for managers to have a full understanding of and comply with the laws.
  • Complete additional research on this topic as necessary, ensuring to cite and reference all materials in APA format.
  • Include a title page, abstract, and reference page with the submission of this assignment (do not include these items in the word count).



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