Metr 10: Activity 6

26 Mar

Metr 10: Activity 6


Each question is worth 1 point (15 points total for this activity).


  1. Why is the decrease of air pressure with increasing altitude less rapid when the air is warm compared to when it is cold?


  1. What is the value of standard sea-level pressure in millibars? In inches of mercury? In hectopascals?


  1. Would a sea-level pressure of 980 millibars be considered high or low pressure? Explain why.


  1. How is sea-level pressure different from station pressure? Can the two ever be the same? Explain.


  1. Why will Denver, Colorado always have a lower station pressure than San Jose, California?


  1. On an upper-level weather map, is cold air aloft associated with low or high pressure? How about warm air aloft?


  1. How would a strong pressure gradient appear on a weather map, with respect to spacing of the isobars?


  1. What are the four forces that affect the horizontal movement of air?


  1. What is the name of the force that initially causes air to move horizontally (and is responsible for the formation of horizontal wind)?


  1. What does the Coriolis force do to moving air in a) the Northern Hemisphere? b) the Southern Hemisphere?


  1. If clouds overhead are moving from south to north, would the upper-level center of low pressure be to your east or west?


  1. On an upper-level weather map, why do winds blow parallel to (height) contour lines?


  1. On a surface weather map, why do surface winds cross the isobars, as opposed to blow parallel to them?


  1. Explain why, on a clear day, an aneroid barometer would indicate “stormy” weather when taken to the top of a mountain.


  1. Convert each of the following wind directions given in meteorological degrees to compass directions:
  2. a) 45°
  3. b) 180°
  4. c) 0°
  5. d) 337.5°
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