Guidelines for Writing a Research Proposal

26 Mar


Guidelines for Writing a Research Proposal:




In a brief paragraph, note how you became aware of the issue/problem, why you

consider it important, and what you hope to accomplish in writing your research essay.


Problem Questions/Statements:

If you have a working thesis state it here. If you don’t have a thesis, write your research questions here. Then list the other questions you need to answer in order to answer the larger question. What do you expect to prove? Remember the different types of argumentative claims, which should help structure your study.



What information do you already have or what do you already know about the issue. This

may be a bulleted list. You might also list what you expect to discover given your current knowledge.


Research Questions:

This will shape the bulk of your research as the class moves forward and you will probably need to amend and change your questions as your thesis evolves and you learn new information. Make a bulleted list of what you need to know. You might begin with any

terms that you might need to define.


Secondary Academic Research Sources:

List any resources you have already identified: books, journal articles, etc. as you would in an MLA Works Cited list. Remember that there may be articles in the textbook that can be helpful.


Primary Research Activities:

  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Site Surveys
  • Website Surveys


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