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26 Mar

Welcome back to the discussion.  As we read and discussed earlier this semester, consumerism has evolved and progressed throughout history, reaching current levels which are both unprecedented and unsustainable.  Due, in part, to the influence(s) of providers/marketing efforts our interest in consuming is often based on false notions of happiness and a competitive, comparative process in which we are comparing ourselves constantly with people who have more things than we have.  In the end, we often wind up purchasing goods that provide us with fleeting satisfaction, tend to increase our debt and stress levels, increase our need to work more, etc. Some corporations engage in false, sometimes unethical, advertising activities to influence our consumer choices/behaviors.

So, now we move onto the related topic of the the dynamics and ethics at play in prospective employer-employee interactions. In the article describing the innovative hiring practices at Automattic, we learned that the “auditions” they conduct are focused on ensuring cultural fit…making certain that prospective hires are able to demonstrate required technical skills AND to work productively in this unique culture. Copy this link into your browser to learn about a variation on the “audition” concept in practice at Menlo.

read this article (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

What are the ethics of introducing potential employees to prospective employees in this manner? What are the possible benefits and risks of creating these auditions versus structured interviews and assessments…for the employer AND the candidate? How can a prospective employer ensure that decisions are based upon consistent, legal criteria when utilizing this approach?

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