Analysis of “Hudson’s Bay

26 Mar

Analysis of “Hudson’s Bay”, this essay should focus on the retail business of the bay.

External analysis should have General Environment (AKA “PESTEL”).


External analysis also should include industry analysis, which needs to analysis 5 forces:

the internal analysis should include the value chain; it needs to connect with the 5 forces. The value chain you have to create a chart, for example:

Also the VRIN:

For a resource or a capability to provide a firm with the potential for a sustainable competitive advantage- they must be:

  • Valuable
  • Rare
  • In-imitable
  • Non-substitutable

The VRIN also need to have a chart, for example:








According to those analysis, you should find out

“What is the key strategic issue?”

  • with justification

and then find out What should be done to address the issue?

  • provide three (3) alternatives
  • with justification
  1. Recommendation
  • your preferred alternative
  • state why your preferred alternative is superior to the other two


This report at least 6 pages, double space, it needs to have at least 4 references, (references should after 2014, do not before 2013) also needs some financial report to support your analysis.

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