Literary Analysis Essay

21 Mar

Literary Analysis Essay
Much like a rhetorical analysis, literary analysis
involves examining the choices made by an
author and how these choices are significant. In
class, we have discussed how different elements
of a story (such as the setting, characters, plot,
etc.) can contribute to its theme.
For this assignment, you will write a literary
analysis in which you examine how different
elements of Kate Chopin’s
The Awakening help the writer communicate the theme.
You may consider the following questions as you write, but you do not have to address each one:
What is the purpose of this story or overall theme and how does it achieve that purpose/theme?
How does the title reflect the theme of the story?
Are there any dominant symbols that are important in helping the reader understand the theme?
How would you characterize the main characters?
A successful essay will
Include an introduction that captures the readers’ attention and a thesis that clearly defines your
claim(s) about the novel. Remember your thesis should communicate an argument about the
author’s rhetorical choices.
Build several paragraphs that analyze specific elements of the novel that work together to support
your argument about the novel. Closely examine themes, characters, symbols, elements of the
plot, or a combination of these things to support your thesis.
Incorporate summary, paraphrasing, and/or quotes from the novel throughout the essay to
strengthen your argument. Be sure to accurately cite all information from the novel.
Include a conclusion that restates your overall interpretation/evaluation and considers the broader
implications; in other words, what did you learn overall about literature?
Defend your interpretation with relevant and sufficient evidence. I strongly encourage the use of
other sources to provide the necessary support even though it is not required.
Cite all information from the novel or gathered from other sources. You must include a Works
Cited page with at least the novel.
Adhere to the conventions of academic writing including correctness of grammar and proper MLA
Page requirement: 4-5 pages in Times New Roman 12 pt font not counting the MLA Works Cited.
Draft due dates are posted on eCampus in the Course Calendar.

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