Final Exam Presentations

21 Mar

Final Exam Presentations: Tuesday, May 8
th: 6:15PM – 9:15PM
Loring Barnes, APR, Fellow PRSA, Adjunct Faculty
Office Mailbox: Faculty Suite G
Hours: Tuesdays 4:00PM – 5:30PM AIC, by phone/Skype, all by appointment
Email w/ Subject Line:
There are three, multiple-part essay assignments through which you can demonstrate
application of class learning, reference a multitude of readings, and apply attributable
research persuasively through professionally-presented narratives. As the author, you
write from the perspective of the CMO, or Chief Marketing Officer. Content will be
assessed for:
ü Direct responses to the scope of questions; be complete but concise. Assign length
commensurate to the points allocated.
ü Thoughtful, incisive analysis and well-conceived ideas.
ü Cogent narrative with focus on entrepreneurial marketing techniques.
ü Quality: Technical writing and presentation. Is the document logical, clear, concise,
interesting and is research appropriately cited?
ü On-time completion in the required format. A 5-point deduction will be assessed for
every day that it is late. A day is defined by the date on the calendar, not hours.
ü Thoroughness: Did you address all of the required information and analyses?
ü Analyses: Did you smartly evaluate the situation with an abundance of non-obvious
and pertinent inferences? Solid papers have great insights.
ü Recommendations: Were they specific, comprehensive (not lengthy), practical and

CMO 1-3 Assignment Modules | Posted Jan. 2018 | p.2 of 8
Ø Excessive crowding as makes reading difficult may result in point subtractions;
use 12-pt. font please and reasonable spacing with bullets, subheads and charts
as appropriate.
Ø Not to exceed 4 pages. That would be long in itself, so feel free to be more
economic with your language.
Ø Document label: Last Name_CMO# _Date.PDF
Ø Submission: Upload to Blackboard by COB deadline stated.
Note: Brevity need not compromise content or technical quality. Two seminal writing
reference books: ‘
AP Stylebook’ and ‘The Elements of Style by Strunk & White. Ample
spaces between labeled sections is requested, numbering will keep you on track.
Your three CMO submissions will be evaluated for the thoughtfulness, originality and
completeness of your personal analysis and your integration of original research beyond
Google. These assignments require specific categories of research as will familiarize you
with the abundance of expensive market, consumer behavior and industry trend research
available through the Krupp Library resources. Document your use of unique research
sources as indicated for each.
Plagiarism is detectable, will result in a failing grade and will
be reported to the department chair.
CMO #1 – DUE February 20 COB: USA Olympics + Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’)
Brand alignment to an event that brings billions of eyeballs, as is the marketing magnet
of the Olympic Games, is the ultimate platform through which to promote a brand’s
distinctive corporate social responsibility (‘CSR’) messages. More than a logo on custom
patriotic sportswear, Global Olympic and Team USA sponsors can be touting their
records for multiculturalism, community impact, environmental technology, etc. Sports
and event sponsorships are typically cost-prohibitive for a bootstrapped or early-stage
business. That isn’t to say that Team USA sponsors wouldn’t benefit from an
entrepreneurial marketing approach to extract the most of this rare and extended
campaign opportunity for their brand. In your first CMO assignment, you will be
examining and contrasting brand marketing via the
PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games
and the use of entrepreneurial marketing techniques. Questions will invite your
comments as to marketing that seems rudimentary, and that which is more imaginative
and entrepreneurial. Then you will be invited to outline your guidance to a start-up in
how to attach a brand to the audiences drawn to the Olympics—affordably but still
effectively. You will need to do research and reference our books.
1. IOC Sponsorships: What do IOC sponsorships cost? Indicate three (3) tiers of Olympic
sponsor packages and how they differ, noting the Games’ years with the costs
that you are citing, and the source of your information. Do you feel the Olympic
Games are a viable marketing activity for an early stage entrepreneurial
marketer? Please back up your answer.

CMO 1-3 Assignment Modules | Posted Jan. 2018 | p.3 of 8
2. Are Entrepreneurial Marketers and Olympic Games Good Teammates? Achieving brand
sustainability through an entrepreneurial approach to marketing is a
foundational theme of the Lodish text. Please name three (3) US brands that
have maintained multi-year Olympic marketing commitments
and what you find
to be the most creative, even economical ways that these companies have
leveraged the Olympic Games to build favorable brand reputation and visibility.
Specify the target markets to which these brands are focused. This is a multi-part
question so be attentive to answering completely.
Boston 2024: Boston won the IOC’s award of 2024 Summer Games, and then
declined the host city invitation. What was the crux of that decision? How would
this lesson affect your approach to creating partnerships for a brand that you are
Team USA ‘Ambusher’: What is an ‘ambusher’ and how would it relate to leveraging
the Olympics as a CMO? Have the Olympics ever had an ambusher? Please
describe your findings. Applying this strategy, how would you create a Team
USA-themed marketing campaign for a small business (SpinGig or otherwise)
that connects with the energy and messages of ‘competition,’ ‘teamwork’ and
‘accomplishment’ that permeate the Olympic Games? Consulting the Lodish and
John books for ideas, please list three (3) ideas and how they would fit with the
company you are marketing. Pictures to illustrate your idea are welcome.
McDonald’s: Last spring McDonald’s Corporate announced the termination of the
conpany’s IOC sponsorship contract. Having been a stalwart Global Olympic
partner for more than 40 years, this was big news across the advertising trades. As
CMO, briefly explain two (2) entrepreneurial marketing activites for McDonald’s to
maintain its brand influence to core customer targets, particularly those inspired
through global sports marketing? Please connect your ideas to specific
demographics and indicate how you would measure the performance of your
6. Metaphor Marketing: The conversation around Olympic-level competitiveness invites
a variety of applicable metaphors to entrepreneurial marketing: teamwork,
focus, goal, practice, and others. Pick three (3) words from this starter list, or
select others of your choice, and briefly discuss how these metaphors will inform
your thoughts about your TVP project and the work you’ll be contributing as
consultant to SpinGig.
7. Research
Use at least one source from each of these research categories:
ü Sources: Fast Company, Inc., Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Wired, WSJ, New
York Times, TechCrunch, Campaign
ü Influencers: Seth Godin, Malcomb Gladwell, Laura Fitton, Carol Cone, Al and
Laura Reis, other CSR and sports marketing opinion leaders
ü Crowdsource: Quora, LinkedIn, Klout
CMO 1-3 Assignment Modules | Posted Jan. 2018 | p.4 of 8

1. IOC Sponsorships: Namethreetierswithpricing. 10
2. Entrepreneurial Marketing + Olympics Compatibility: Threeexamplesof Olympic
3. Boston 2024: Whathappened?Whatarethetransferablepartnership
4. Ambusher: Describeambushmarketingandhowitmightapplytoadvisinga
smallbusiness,suchasyourTVPclient.Thisisamulti-partresponse so
5. McDonald’s: TwoideasforMcDonald’sthatmakeuseofitsCSRbudgetsand
still providesbrandinfluenceasgrassrootsalternativestoitsOlympic
6. BONUS/Metaphor: ThreewordsthatexemplifytheTVPandpersonal
7. Overall Quality: Technical, Completeness,**UseofResearch**, Organization 10
TOTAL PTS, CMO #1 ASSIGNMENT (Will be weighted to 10% of your total grade). 105

CMO #2 – DUE March 20, COB: The Entrepreneurial Edge of Fortune Brands
INSTRUCTIONS: Critique how a mature Fortune corporation that is headquartered in New
has adopted entrepreneurial business and marketing practices, what they are
hoping to accomplish, and how doing so has repositioned their brand in today’s
innovation economy. Applying Lodish et al’s premise that “entrepreneurial marketing
can add sustainable value to any sized company,” as the CMO, you are evaluating how
they’re doing.
Your submission must answer all of the questions within each section for
full point credits
. Be careful not to use valuable space by restating the question; just
declaratively present your answers, footnoting references as confirm your required use
of primary and secondary research (Blackboard: Library Resources, plus list below).
Follow these content guidelines carefully, matching each Section’s requirements to
those shown in the Grading Chart.
Company Story: Introduce the corporation’s product mix, target audiences, market
position and competitive environment. Include the stock ticker, NAISC code and
an analysis of its recent financial performance, noting any important product,
market or organizational milestones that impacted those numbers. Briefly
demonstrate your familiarity with its mission and the competitive and Federal
regulatory environment within which it markets its business.
Internal Entrepreneurism: Name two (2) ways through which the corporation’s executive
leadership has set out to build and articulate an entrepreneurial or team culture.
What is new, what is intended by these changes, and has there been any impact to
employee experience? Who evangelizes the brand personality and do you feel
CMO 1-3 Assignment Modules | Posted Jan. 2018 | p.5 of 8
that this executive inspires the workforce to feel empowered or to be inspired? As
the CMO, what you do anything differently, if anything?
Business + Marketing Reengineering: Has the company restructured in order to be more
streamlined or less hierarchical, changed its customer product direction, revamped
customer-facing communications or improved its speed-to-market product R&D?
Briefly bullet three (3) ways the company claims new agility to achieve sustainable
growth. Perhaps it has a ‘hot’ new division, R&D lab, partnership with a university,
claims an innovation center, implements workforce development, embraced social
media, made strategic acquisitions or has rebranded altogether. Be sure to
what is intended by these actions
Employer Appeal: Comment on two (2) ways that this company’s current story appeals
to you as a prospective employee, or did not. Did anything you learned surprise or
intrigue you? Consider in your analysis the corporate culture, diversity, company
values, ability to innovate and the presence of a social impact commitment—any
criterion important for them to hire you and for you to want to work there.
Customer Experience (UX): Name two (2) ways that the company had tried to redefine its
customer experience in order to build and reward loyalty. Has it successfully
reinvented its B2B/C product or service delivery, diversified into promising market
sectors or otherwise changed the customer’s experience? Does the company
utilize a means of listening to customers?
BONUS Quote: Set up as one Q&A, report a direct interview of an executive from the
company that you chose with a first-person quote. It should be the executive’s
response to an insightful question that explores any aspect of how the company
has changed its marketing communication in an effort to convey new agility,
inventiveness and relevance to customers or investors. It can also address how the
company values bottom-up employee contributions.
Be strategic: chose a
company in which you have genuine interest (brand or category) for future
internship or job prospecting! Include your source’s contact info (name, title, email
and LinkedIn). Please set the expectation that they could be contacted to verify
your chat. Be sure to have connected with them on LinkedIn!
7. Research
Use at least one source from each of these research categories:
ü Company Sources: Annual Report, website, social media, newsletters
ü Direct: Employee executive reached through LinkedIn
ü Online: Mergent, ProQuest Business Databases, Business Source Complete,
Industry Report, US Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics
ü News: Boston Business Journal, Providence Business News, Bloomberg, trade
journals, regional or national business periodicals

CMO 1-3 Assignment Modules | Posted Jan. 2018 | p.6 of 8
CMO #2: Grading Metrics
Each Section should be clearly marked. The grade is composed as follows:

1. Company Story: Multipleresponsesdemonstratingresearch 15
2. Internal Entreprenurism: Analysisoftwomessagingeffortsincludingidentification
3. Marketing Reengineering: Amultiplefacetresponsetoanalyzetheorganizational
4. Employer Appeal: Two-prongedopinionbaseduponyourlearningofthecompany
5. Customer Experience: Doesthecompanyhaveanewrewardsprogramordoesit
6. BONUS Executive Quote: Afirstpersonquotebysomeone(canbedocumented)
7. Overall Quality: Technical,Completeness,**UseofResearch**,Organization 10
TOTAL PTS, CMO #2 ASSIGNMENT (Will be weighted to 10% of your total grade). 105

CMO #3 – DUE April 10 COB: ‘Power of Broke’ Inspired
The final in the CMO essay trio draws upon the ideas put forth by successful
entrepreneurial evangelist, ‘Shark’ Daymond John. In response to specific questions,
incorporate the lessons of this book and the author’s
‘SHARK Points.’ You will also be
asked for takeaway insights for your future professional pursuits. Concepts from the
Lodish text as reinforce your thesis should also be referenced.
SHARK Points: Pick three (3) of the author/coach’s favorite quotes as inspired or
motivated this semester, or otherwise provided clarity about the rewarding life
of an entrepreneurial marketer. Relate each to how they have informed your
TVP project and/or your goals for this summer (internship or employment).
Defining Success: Daymond John reviews several journeys of start-up business
owners, mostly those that became unstuck, dug in deep and improved their
prospects. Pick one
‘Power of Broke’ business owner profile whose story you
found particularly relevant, inspirational or cautionary. Offer a brief essay (2-3
paragraphs) that reviews this story as if the reader audience was meeting
him/her for the first time. Make sure to update the story by doing additional
research about the business. What did you learn from their story that you will
take forward? What notable accomplishments or milestones have occurred since
Daymond John profiled them as a case study in his book? This is a multi-part

CMO 1-3 Assignment Modules | Posted Jan. 2018 | p.7 of 8
3. Power of Broke Student Course: Daymond John has been expanding his media platform
to further diversify his brand portfolio and grow revenue, to include the release
of his latest book this past January. Go online to familiarize yourself with his
media educational empire and many self-branded marketing products. He is far
from alone: from
Forbes to Inc. among many business gurus, media
organizations use branded conferences and coursework as channels to court
customers for paid education and consultation services. Do you feel there would
be value in an online course or podcast created by Daymond John that is
directed to college students? Why or why not? If you could have a published
expert whose credentials as an early-stage business owner or respected
influencer would benefit entrepreneurial marketing students, who would that
be? Please write a 1-2 paragraph description of the course as you would design it
as would share their unique experience. Include pricing of the product portfolio
and what you and your friends would be willing to pay for as reported through a
survey that you administer.
Gen Z v Millennials: Marketing successfully requires that you understand and can
speak the language of your target customers and their influencers. Having ‘street
cred’ was a key formula of Daymond John’s earliest success. You are the CMO of
an employer that is concerned about recruitment and retention of its workforce,
looking into the pipeline of Gen Z and Millennial employees. Identify your
generational group. Complete this chart for both demographics as will permit a
comparison of the values, desires and filters that researchers have determined
influence worker loyalty and consideration of an employer. Footnote your
sources. Does this provide you with an accurate snapshot of you as an employee
or manager? Will these insights in any way influence your job search (whether
internship or permanent).

Trait + Value Gen Z Millennial
Job Stability
Work Ethic
Respect for Authority
Patience for Change
Communication Style

5. Employer Communication: As a second part to Sec. 4 (above) and in your role as the
employer’s CMO, offer your counsel as to how an employer must engage these
employees (from both demographics) in ways that will accomplish the best
possible outcomes: technology fluency, curiosity, loyalty, evangelism and worth

CMO 1-3 Assignment Modules | Posted Jan. 2018 | p.8 of 8
6. BONUS: Nonprofit Marketing. Budgets are smallest when you are a donor-driven, notfor-profit organization. It’s one of the reasons that nonprofits recruit experts to
working committees and board service, when doing so will fortify specific skill
sets (like marketing) and donor reach. Volunteerism for most students begins in
high school in preparation for college applications. Using a nonprofit
organization (can be a CBO, NGO or charity) with which you have personal
familiarity, you are asked to introduce your chosen organization, include an
overview of its purpose, its geographic and demographic profile and any recent
changes, e.g., expansion, merger, rebranding. Applying the principles of our
course books, recommend two (2) new marketing efforts that would benefit the
organization in a meaningful way, indicating the estimated cost and labor
resources to execute each, and the means by which you would measure the
impact after a specific timeframe. This is a multi-part question.

1. SHARK Points: Threetheylearningsfromtheauthor. 15
2. Defining Success: APowerofBroke successprofile. 20
3. Student Course: Thoughtsaboutcreatingagurustudentcourse,eitherby
4. Gen Z v Millennials: Analysisofdivergentvaluesandpracticesofthesetwo
5. Employer Communication: AnalysisfromSec,4,GenZandMillennialworkforce 10
6. BONUS Nonprofit Marketing: Twowaysthatanonprofitwouldbenefitfrom
7. Overall Quality: Technical,Completeness,**UseofResearch**,Organization 10
TOTAL PTS, CMO #3 ASSIGNMENT (Will be weighted to 10% of your total grade). 105


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