Project 3: Remediation and Technological Tools Analysis

19 Mar

Project 3:  Remediation and Technological Tools Analysis 

Background:  This project will help you gain an understanding of how important it is to know HOW to present information you would like to convey – based on your purpose, audience and the information.  21st century businesses, artists, and communicators often realize how powerful the presentation of their message can be.  A savvy creator must understand how the rhetorical implications of media ay affect a text’s audience, purpose and content.  In this project, you will learn to adapt content for new audiences using different media.  You will gain a better understanding of the implications of your choices as content creators.

Assignment: In this project, you will pick one text of at least fifty words and refashion it using two different media.  You will research the historical context of the original text.  You will research the history of the media you choose.  You will remediate your original text. You will document your process and then you will combine the research and your reflections into an essay.  The essay will analyze how your chosen media affected the message of your text.  You will incorporate secondary and primary research into your essay.  You will consider how your chosen communication media may have changed, enhanced, or affected the meaning of your original text.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Choose a written text that you would like to remediate two times (SEE ATTACHED LIST FOR IDEAS). The text should be at least 50 words long and previously published – no original work. The text should be approved by your instructor.

DUE _______________

Step 2:  Conduct research background on your chosen text.  Find a suitable secondary source. You may use Wikipedia as a starting point, but ultimately find a more reputable source. You may want to include a quote from a source discussing your original text.

DUE _______________

Step 3: Choose two media (SEE ATTACHED LIST FOR IDEAS) and create a remediation of your chosen text.  YOU WILL NOT USE A REMEDIATION THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN CREATED.  The media you choose should be two different types and represent a range of historical periods and modalities (written, oral, and visual).  That means that if you choose something modern (like a social media) for your first remediation, you should choose something older (like a newspaper article) for your second remediation.

DUE ________________

Step 4:  Do background research on each of these two media.  You will need to discuss:

  • the history of each media
  • how each has been used to express ideas or communicate
  • how each media is used to reach an audience
  • what types of audience these media usually reach

NOTE:  You will need to use at least one source about each media.

DUE __________________

Step 5: Remediate your text with your chosen media.  As you compose your remediation, consider how your audience, text, and content changes or evolves.

Note: you will be graded not on the remediations themselves, but on your reflections about them. Your purpose is to prove your ability to think critically about how you used these media to communicate.

1st remediation DUE _______________ NOTE: email it or text a pic

2nd remediation is due at your presentation

Step 6: Compose an essay that includes:

  • History and information about the original text
  • Historical information about how your two media were developed and how they have been used
  • Your reflection on why you chose those two media and how they helped you communicate the original text
  • Analysis of the difference between the two remediations

Step 7:  Write a Works Cited page that will include at least 4 sources:

  • Original Text
  • Secondary source about original text
  • Secondary source about first media
  • Secondary source about second media

Step 8: Put it all in MLA format

Times New Roman, 12-point font


Heading in upper, left-hand corner


Professor Hoffman

ENG 106


Final Paper DUE ____________________

Step 9: Give a 5-minute or less oral presentation showing and explaining one of your remediations.

DUE week of _____________________


**Note**  These instructions and due dates are designed to help you break up this large project into smaller parts.  If you follow these instructions, you will not be overwhelmed and you will be successful with this project.

Important Dates:

Item Due Date
Original text  
Secondary source research on original text  
Class Cancelled  
Choose two technology tools  
Secondary source research on two technology tools  
1st remediation via email or text
Presentations and 2nd remediation  
Final paper due  














Original Text Remediation 1 Remediation 2 Info discussed in your essay
MLK “I Have a Dream” Speech podcast bus banner ·       the events leading up to the speech

·       how MLK’s speech-giving style was influenced by his roles in politics and as a minister

·       how podcasts are used to inform and promote change

·       how business use different spaces for marketing messages to consumers


Eminem’s “Stan” song letters music video ·       how artists use songs to express real-life experiences – biographical and cultural forces that affect a songwriter’s choices

·       genre of rap/hip-hop and how it has traditionally been used to tell a story or protest an injustice

·       how new technology tools have practically eliminated the tool of letter writing

·       how music videos have gone from MTV to Youtube

News article about NFL press conference admitting concussions cause CTE movie poster short story ·       the history of movie posters as advertisements for movies – combination of text and images to reach certain audiences

·       history of how short stories are considered an “American” invention

·       news conferences – controlled environment where informer controls the information – often reporters clamoring for more information – who is the audience?


Item Points Available Your Points
Secondary information about original text, why you chose it, the message it conveys 15
Secondary research about media and discussion of why you chose them 15
Descriptions of your remediations and your process 10
Analysis of the results of your remediations and how they were able to capture the message of your original text; the effect of presenting the original text through different media; comparison of the two media 30
Academic grammar and punctuation 10
Organized paper format/MLA style/proper heading 10
MLA Works Cited citations 10  



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