HCA 447 – Healthcare Informatics

19 Mar

HCA 447 – Healthcare Informatics
Fall 2017 (1 credit hour course)
Instructions for Vision & Scope with Requirements (VSR) Project
Document the Major Features of an IT system that you need for one of the healthcare settings below
along with Functional Requirements using the Vision & Scope with Requirements (VSR) Template
Healthcare Settings
Ambulatory, Health Information Exchange, Hospital, Insurance/Billing, Lab, Long Term Care, Pharmacy,
Radiology, Rehab, Telemedicine
The Vision & Scope with Requirements (VSR) should contain the following:
1. Project Scope
2. Executive Summary of the Project
3. Background
4. Business Opportunity or Problem Statement
5. Business Risks and Benefits
6. Vision Statement
7. At least 5 Major Features
8. Project Success Measures
9. Stakeholders and Users
10. At least 5 Functional Requirements for each Major Feature
11. Testing Requirements
Evaluation Criteria
Evaluation for grade
1. Clear and concise Project Scope
2. Appropriate Major Features for Project Scope
3. Appropriate Functional Requirements to Cover Major Features
4. Appropriate Testing Requirements

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