Effective Business Enquiry and Communication

19 Mar

BIT101 – Effective Business Enquiry and Communication Semester 2, 2017 Page 1 of 2
Report: Step 1 of 5 – An
Investigation Proposal
The scenario
You work for a large retail organisation named “Macey’s”. Macey’s sells footwear and
clothing and has stores in several Australian states.
You are working within the “Technology and Design Team” which everyone knows as the
T&D team. Your team performs several artistic and technical functions, including
Website design, advertising design and construction, store layout and design, database
maintenance, and help-desk support. Your team is also asked to work on ad hoc projects,
such as the one earlier this year where the team built a powerful data analysis tool using
Excel, and one last year where new cabling was laid.
Your boss, Macey Hargreaves, has sound IT knowledge and is always keen to hear from
the T&D Team when they have new ideas that can help her organisation. She is always
looking for ways T&D can give her company gain a competitive edge. For that reason,
you love working for her. You also like working for her because she always tries to put
her staff first.
Recently Macey has said that she intends installing a new piece of software. She made it
clear that there are 2 reasons for her choice – because it’s what T&D staff members have
said they want and because it will improve productivity.
You have worked with that piece of software before. You like it but are passionate in
your belief that another piece of software would be a better choice. You want to
mention it to Macey but you decide to hold back for the moment. You think your best
chance of successfully convincing Macey is to write up a “Comparison Report” that
discusses the pros and cons of each piece of software and so help her to make a fully
informed decision.
To that end you decide you will first prepare an “
Investigation Proposal” – a request to
be given 4 hours per week over the next 4 weeks to conduct research, interview staff
members about their preferences, and then write up a Comparison Report.
Macey’s has templates for many of the standard documents that are written within the
organisation. It is expected that all employees use them so as to standardise
communications and so facilitate better decision making. One of these templates is the
Investigation Proposal Template” and you will need to use it for your investigation

BIT101 – Effective Business Enquiry and Communication Semester 2, 2017 Page 2 of 2
Your task
Prepare an Investigation Proposal. Your hypothesis is that your choice of software will do
more to satisfy Macey’s needs than Macey’s original choice.
You can decide on the 2 pieces of software you will compare. Be sure to
present your
idea to your tutor before beginning
. You may receive advice from your Tutor on
modifying your idea to make it more suitable for our assessment purposes. Note that you
could change the above scenario to one about a hardware upgrade rather than software
change if you prefer.
You have been given a template to use – the “
Investigation Proposal Template.pdf” file
that you will find on Moodle. In the workplace, this would be given to use as an MS
Word document so that you can just start typing into it, but here you have only been
given the PDF, which means you will first need to recreate the original in MS Word. It will
need to:
Look exactly like the PDF
Use MS Word “Styles”
Carefully choose between serif and sans-serif fonts
Take a best-guess at font sizes and colours and paragraph spacing
Include a header (and for this you can just capture a screenshot image of the
PDF’s header) and footer (containing a page number) too.
Word length: 400 to 600 words (including headings)
How you will be assessed
Microsoft Word competence – duplicating the layout of the PDF template in MS
Word (40%)
Presenting an “audience centred” document that effectively presents your
proposal (50%)
Grammar, spelling, and general presentation (10%)
Submission instructions
This assessment is worth 20% of your overall grade
Upload a single MS Word document to Moodle before the end of day Thursday March
nd 2018, before the beginning of class.

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