18 Mar





  • 2 schools: Content school + Process school
  • Content school: Maslow, Porter // Process school: ?
  • Process school : need to talk about equity, expectancy, choice behaviour




  • Talk about different types of rewards in the company / from the manager. Which one is the most valued, appreciated?
  • How does she manage to motivate co-workers?












Motivation questions / Leadership questions


  1. (Do you believe employees are motivated by Maslow’s or Herzberg’s theory?) (show graphs)
  2. Do you observe any differences in motivation regarding to different factors such as : Geography / Cultural dimension / Economic context / Diversity (gender, age,…)

Content school :

  1. Which theory between Maslow’s and Herzberg’s do you observe from your company’s behaviour?
  2. A) If Maslow : How do you make it realizable for your team to grow according to Maslow’s hierarchy? And your company? (After her opinion)
  3. B) If Herzberg : How does your company ensure that your team’s hygiene factors are met?
  4. C) Herzberg’s theory : Do you agree with the repartition of the factors between the two categories, hygiene factors and motivators?
  5. How do you create interesting / meaningful job?

Process school :

  1. How do you (or the company) manage to treat your team members in an equal way in terms of rewards and if people feel treated unequally, how do you deal with that? Does it affect their productivity and absenteeism? (Equity theory)
  2. How do you see the relation between goals, motivation and performance? (Goal setting theory)
  3. In your opinion and  from your experience, what do you think that motivates more employees after a good performance, monetary rewards (extrinsic reward) or any other type of appreciation (intrinsic reward)? (Expectancy theory)
  4. How would you describe your company’s performance evaluation system?
  5. Job Characteristics Model : When a job has to be designed, which characteristics do you focus on : Skill variety, Task identity, Task significance, Autonomony, Feedback?
  6. What traits do you have? (8 traits : Drive; desire; honesty and integrity; self-confidence; intelligence; job relevant knowledge; extraversion; proneness to guilt)
  7. Do you think there are more traits?
  8. How do you influence other people? (Transactional leader, transformational leader)
  9. What is your behaviour concerning leadership?
  10. On the Managerial grid, where do see yourself?

(Insert Managerial Grid)

  1. When do you include participation in decision making? When do you make the decision yourself?
  2. What type of leader are you : Directive, supportive, participative or achievement-oriented leader?
  3. University of Iowa : Which style of leader are you : Democratic, Autocratic or Laissez-faire style?
  1. Are you a situational leader? In which situation do you change your leadership style?

Situational leader : A flexible leadership style depending of the situation with the employee / team member.


  1. What can be controlled by an employee and what can’t? Example : time, home office, prioritize work, … )


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