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Consumption has become an activity laden in symbolic meaning in contemporary consumer culture (Belk 1988, 2010). Working with the symbolic meanings associated with consumption (McCracken 1986), contemporary consumers use consumption as a means of creating and maintaining a sense of identity (Wattanasuwan 2005). Investigations of consumption communities, ranging from Apple enthusiasts (Belk and Tumbat 2005) to Harley Davidson owners (Schouten and McAlexander 1995), have demonstrated that consumption is often a key driver in the creation and maintenance of social links in consumer culture. In this regard, investigations of consumption communities can yield significant insights into the way that people consume.


You are tasked with researching a consumption community of your choice, from within the domain of running. For example, you may choose to research leisure runners, or health/sports enthusiasts or fanatics using their relevant community pages on one or more social media platforms. Your efforts should be directed towards uncovering insights into the consumption cultures that exists within the community. You should focus on obtaining insights in relation to the consumption patterns of individuals (and groups of individuals) within the community.


To guide your research endeavours, the following research questions are suggested:

– What role does consumption play in the creation of this consumption community?

– How do community members use consumption to create their identities?

– What symbolic meanings are associated with this consumption community?

– How would you define the consumption community in relation to the literature 
(subculture of consumption, brand community, neo-tribe, brand cult etc.)?











The main aim with this research is to contribute to influential and decisive theory within the lines of Consumer Behaviour and identity by applying various Consumer Culture theories. This research is set to examine and explore the underlying sociocultural causes and needs for the consumers to engage in the running community of Great Eastern Women Run Singapore. -> and what the consumer aims to derive by entering the social worlds of various communities.


In 1,000 words with 10 academic journals, write only about the theoretical framework à CONSUMER IDENTITY PROJECTS -> this perspective will mention and explore what individual goals there are for the consumer to achieve by being a passionate running consumer and how these goals establishes and develop their identities (Social Identity theory suggests that the motivation to increase the personal self-esteem causes individuals to strongly associate themselves with a strongly positive perceived group such as a running team).








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