Common area of improvement

18 Mar

Common area of improvement (Feedback for ASSIGNMENT 1)

Pick and choose which ones are relevant and you feel you need to improve from assignment 1

Need for BROADER and DEEPER research

Not broad enough

  1. Economic

Trade, Inflation,GDP, Purchasing Power, Foreign direct investment

Not broad enough to cover all the point


  1. Political



Do not dive deep enough


  1. Digitization

Different uses (data analytics, predictic analystics), new innovations, success causes


  1. Political

Public infrastructure policy -> MRT, roads, town planning, smart nations, public opinions, breakdowns, tax money, PUB,

Need for better understanding and use of concepts

Need better understanding


Power of buyers

Threat of new entrants

Competitive rivalry

Resources + Competencies = 1 strategic competencies

And VRIO test

Need for better use of concepts

Interpretation + conclusion

Issues (strategic vs operational),

A meaningful conclusion is important because it shows that you understand how the key points to your analysis are interlinked

Connect the dots -> linkage

Power of buyers -> competitive rivalry

Switching cost is low -> differentiation



Need for a WELL-BALANCED analysis

Examples :

  1. Pockets of growth on some segments?


  1. Can some opportunists be view by smaller firms?
  • Can some facts be viewed as a threat to smaller firms and yet an opportunity to larger firms?
  1. Favourable macro
  • Favourable PESTEL and Attractive P5 – Easy for planning
  • Favourable PESTEL and Unattractive P5 – Differentiation, drop in profit margin
  • Unfavourable PESTEL and Attractive P5 –
  • Unfavourable PESTEL and Unattractive P5 –

Influence by data projections (dynamic capabilities) which need BROADER and DEEPER research

  1. Greater use of partnerships

Competitors, suppliers, customers, other stakeholders


Cooperation with competitors ( Who to ally? Why they need to ally of aurecon)

Need for enhanced Quality of Writing

Lengthy paragraphs – unclear explanations, inconsistent statements, typos,grammer

maximum 7 lines per paragraph

Referencing – inconsistent

Formatting + Labels – bold,underline,numbering for each section, label diagram

Use of visual elements – diagram, table,flowchart

Cover page, pg numbers

Logical flow

Meaningful conclusion

Lack of understanding of the right industry

Lack of fture projections

Rushed works


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