Lab Homework

17 Mar

For this lab assignment, you are identifying IT domains for identified weaknesses/vulnerabilities.  The lab consists of two parts. Part A has 20 weaknesses and each one has only ONE (1) domain. Part B has 15 questions. The answers for these questions are based upon the answers in Part A. The questions can also be tricky, which will require you to think outside of the box for some of them.  In addition, some of the questions require multiple answers. You can use other resources to complete the lab assignment.


Please complete the Lab #1 Exercises in your Student Lab Manual1.  The lab assignment is a manual lab meaning that no computer is required for this assignment.


Upon review of Lab #1 – Identify Threats and Vulnerabilities in an IT Infrastructure, students are
required to provide the following deliverables as part of this lab:

1. Lab #1 – Assessment Worksheet (Part A). Identification and mapping of 21 risks, threats, and
vulnerabilities to the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure

2. Lab #1 – Assessment Questions and Answers (Part B)


**NOTE: You are required to submit PARTS A and B of the lab assignment


Submission Instructions: 

  • This submission is not required to be created following APA 6th edition guidelines.
  • Submit the assignment as a MS Word attachment.


Evaluation Criteria and Rubrics

The following are the evaluation criteria and rubrics for Lab #1 that the students must perform:

1. Was the student able to identify common risks, threats, and vulnerabilities found throughout the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure? – [ 25%]

2. Was the student able to align risks, threats, and vulnerabilities to one of the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure accurately? – [ 25%]

3. Given a scenario in Part A, was the student able to prioritize risks, threats, and vulnerabilities
based on their risk impact to the organization? – [ 25%]

4. Was the student able to prioritize the identified critical, major, and minor risks, threats, and
software vulnerabilities? – [ 25%]


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