Inequality in Our Own Lives

17 Mar

Profile: Inequality in Our Own Lives (1-2 pages, typed – 50 homework points). As part of your investigation into inequality in the U.S., you will create a profile of a contemporary American and explore how he or she lives the experience of inequality in our society.


* Important note: You will be sharing your Profile with your classmates. Please don’t include information you won’t be comfortable sharing.


Step one: Choose a subject. This can be you or someone you know personally.


Step two: Research and write the Profile. You may want to conduct an interview with your subject to gather the necessary information. You can also base the Profile on your own prior knowledge of the subject. Above all, you’re aiming to create a vivid portrait of this person that teaches us something about how inequality affects every-day Americans. Your Profile can be written in paragraph form, or as a list of answers to the prompts below. The Profile will have two parts to it.


PART ONE: Choose and get answers to at least THREE questions from the 1500 Stories Question Bank. (If the link isn’t working, simply Google “1500 Stories Questions Bank.”) Choose questions you think would help you discover the effects of inequality on this person. You can interview the subject, or answer on their behalf, if you have enough prior knowledge of your subject.


PART TWO: Your Profile should also answer these three questions:

·       How would you define this person’s economic class (poor, working-class, middle-class, upper-class, etc.)?

·       What is life like for this person on a daily basis? What challenges or benefits does the person face as a result of his/her class?

·       What do you think this person’s experience teaches us about the effects of inequality in general?




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