Exam Questions

17 Mar

Exam Questions:
1. Evaluate Leibow’s decision to enter the SMB market with MIOD. What, if
anything, would you have done differently?
2. Design a distribution segmentation model that maximizes both its AE and
ISR sales forces (e.g., by size of customer / by AE for MI and ISR for MIOD
/ geographic teams for AE + ISR). Explain how your segmentation plan
encourages channel harmony and explain the risks and benefits of your
3. Compare the ISR and AE compensation packages. How do these packages
affect the expected behavior?
4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having one “generalist” R&D
and support team manage both MI and MIOD, versus two specialized
teams? Which approach would you pursue and why?
5. As Corey Leibow, what go-forward strategy would you pursue for Mercado
and why? Explain how the concepts we discussed in the course lead you to
make this decision.

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