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  • ü  Direct responses to the scope of questions; be complete but concise. Assign length commensurate to the points allocated.
  • ü  Thoughtful, incisive analysis and well-conceived ideas.
  • ü  Cogent narrative with focus on entrepreneurial marketing techniques.
  • ü  Quality: Technical writing and presentation. Is the document logical, clear, concise, interesting and is research appropriately cited?
  • ü  On-time completion in the required format. A 5-point deduction will be assessed for every day that it is late. A day is defined by the date on the calendar, not hours.
  • ü  Thoroughness: Did you address all of the required information and analyses?
  • ü  Analyses: Did you smartly evaluate the situation with an abundance of non-obvious 
and pertinent inferences? Solid papers have great insights.
  • ü  Recommendations: Were they specific, comprehensive (not lengthy), practical and realistic?


ENTREPRENEURIAL MARKETING | ENT 380 | SPRING 2018 CMO 1-3 Assignment Modules | Posted Jan. 2018 | p.2 of 8


  • Ø  Excessive crowding as makes reading difficult may result in point subtractions; use 12-pt. font please and reasonable spacing with bullets, subheads and charts as appropriate.
  • Ø  Not to exceed 4 pages. That would be long in itself, so feel free to be more economic with your language.
  • Ø  Document label: Last Name_CMO# _Date.PDF
  • Ø  Submission: Upload to Blackboard by COB deadline stated. 
Note: Brevity need not compromise content or technical quality. Two seminal writing reference books: ‘AP Stylebook’ and ‘The Elements of Style by Strunk & White. Ample spaces between labeled sections is requested, numbering will keep you on track. 
Your three CMO submissions will be evaluated for the thoughtfulness, originality and completeness of your personal analysis and your integration of original research beyond Google. These assignments require specific categories of research as will familiarize you with the abundance of expensive market, consumer behavior and industry trend research available through the Krupp Library resources. Document your use of unique research sources as indicated for each. Plagiarism is detectable, will result in a failing grade and will be reported to the department chair.
  • CMO #2 – DUE March 20, COB: The Entrepreneurial Edge of Fortune Brands

INSTRUCTIONS: Critique how a mature Fortune corporation that is headquartered in New England has adopted entrepreneurial business and marketing practices, what they are hoping to accomplish, and how doing so has repositioned their brand in today’s innovation economy. Applying Lodish et al’s premise that “entrepreneurial marketing can add sustainable value to any sized company,” as the CMO, you are evaluating how they’re doing. Your submission must answer all of the questions within each section for full point credits. Be careful not to use valuable space by restating the question; just declaratively present your answers, footnoting references as confirm your required use of primary and secondary research (Blackboard: Library Resources, plus list below). Follow these content guidelines carefully, matching each Section’s requirements to those shown in the Grading Chart.

  1. Company Story: Introduce the corporation’s product mix, target audiences, market position and competitive environment. Include the stock ticker, NAISC code and an analysis of its recent financial performance, noting any important product, market or organizational milestones that impacted those numbers. Briefly demonstrate your familiarity with its mission and the competitive and Federal regulatory environment within which it markets its business.
  2. Internal Entrepreneurism: Name two (2) ways through which the corporation’s executive leadership has set out to build and articulate an entrepreneurial or team culture. What is new, what is intended by these changes, and has there been any impact to the employee experience? Who evangelizes the brand personality and do you feel that this executive inspires the workforce to feel empowered or to be inspired? As the CMO, what you do anything differently, if anything?
  3. Business + Marketing Reengineering: Has the company restructured in order to be more streamlined or less hierarchical, changed its customer product direction, revamped customer-facing communications or improved its speed-to-market product R&D? Briefly bullet three (3) ways the company claims new agility to achieve sustainable growth. Perhaps it has a ‘hot’ new division, R&D lab, partnership with a university, claims an innovation center, implements workforce development, embraced social media, made strategic acquisitions or has rebranded altogether. Be sure to include what is intended by these actions.
  4. Employer Appeal: Comment on two (2) ways that this company’s current story appeals to you as a prospective employee, or did not. Did anything you learned surprise or intrigue you? Consider in your analysis the corporate culture, diversity, company values, ability to innovate and the presence of a social impact commitment—any criterion important for them to hire you and for you to want to work there.
  5. Customer Experience (UX): Name two (2) ways that the company had tried to redefine its customer experience in order to build and reward loyalty. Has it successfully reinvented its B2B/C product or service delivery, diversified into promising market sectors or otherwise changed the customer’s experience? Does the company utilize a means of listening to customers?
  6. BONUS Quote: Set up as one Q&A, report a direct interview of an executive from the company that you chose with a first-person quote. It should be the executive’s response to an insightful question that explores any aspect of how the company has changed its marketing communication in an effort to convey new agility, inventiveness and relevance to customers or investors. It can also address how the company values bottom-up employee contributions. Be strategic: chose a company in which you have genuine interest (brand or category) for future internship or job prospecting! Include your source’s contact info (name, title, email and LinkedIn). Please set the expectation that they could be contacted to verify your chat. Be sure to have connected with them on LinkedIn! 
Use at least one source from each of these research categories:
    • ü  Company Sources: Annual Report, website, social media, newsletters
    • ü  Direct: Employee executive reached through LinkedIn
    • ü  Online: Mergent, ProQuest Business Databases, Business Source Complete, 
Industry Report, US Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • ü  News: Boston Business Journal, Providence Business News, Bloomberg, trade 
journals, regional or national business periodicals


ENTREPRENEURIAL MARKETING | ENT 380 | SPRING 2018 CMO 1-3 Assignment Modules | Posted Jan. 2018 | p.6 of 8

CMO #2: Grading Metrics

Each Section should be clearly marked. The grade is composed as follows:




1. Company Story: Multiple responses demonstrating research 15


2. Internal Entreprenurism: Analysis of two messaging efforts including identification of the lead spokesperson and the CMO indicating if they are the right person (by title, personality, reputation, gravitas) in that role 15
3. Marketing Reengineering: A multiple facet response to analyze the organizational changes of this company as well as what is intended by those changes  


4. Employer Appeal: Two-pronged opinion based upon your learning of the company against your original perceptions  



5. Customer Experience: Does the company have a new rewards program or does it move people to a lesser visibility social channel to respond to complaints? This analysis and its impact is expected. 20
6. BONUS Executive Quote: A first person quote by someone (can be documented) from within the organization,  


7. Overall Quality: Technical, Completeness, **Use of Research**, Organization  


TOTAL PTS, CMO #2 ASSIGNMENT (Will be weighted to 10% of your total grade).  




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