Topic is SAMSUNG Company.

16 Mar

Topic is SAMSUNG Company.

Writing Assignment This is a Team Assignment. It is a very important component of the class and may be used for evaluation by the General Education staff at the University of MI. You will select a topic during Week 4 and determine which topic to use. There are two Homework Assignments requiring everyone to go to the Writing Center during the term. 1. Select the topic for your Team’s focus – there are several examples listed on page 2. Note that these are only options. The topic you pick to write about is up to your Team. 2. Organize the topic in outline form. This will help with your logic and flow. 3. As you write, make sure there is a good flow of subject with good grammar, composition and topic development. 4. Support your statements with material from the references, such as citations and/or Tables and Charts from Excel 5. The paper must include at least (1) Table and (1) Chart using Excel logic. For these, you need to actually discuss them in your paper. 6. At least (2) references are necessary, which can be the sources for table and chart Requirements – You will be grades on the following Submissions Summary Paragraph 1. Each member will write their own summary paragraph for the section they are working on. All paragraphs will be placed onto a single-page document from the Team. Place references for the paper after the last paragraph. Prior to their paragraph, each respective member’s name will be listed. See Course Syllabus for due date. Final Paper 1. Two final submissions are required (electronic and hard copy), as noted in Syllabus. Notes:  Teams will receive a grade representing cumulative work for their paper.  On Title page, list each author with section they wrote.  Only (1) submission is allowed, which must be sent prior to date/time of deadline stipulated in Syllabus.  No email submissions are allowed BUS 115 Writing Guidelines BUS 115 Writing Guidelines Page 2 of 3 Format 1. Font a. Times New Roman (TNR), 12 point, other than footer 2. Line Spacing a. Double, standard margins 3. Header a. None 4. Footer a. Team Members Initials on bottom left b. Page number on right, listed as page # of # c. Font – 10 pt. TNR Sequence and Contents 1. Title Page a. Title, BUS 115, date, authors (each with sections written) 2. Main Body a. Written length should be (6) pages, which includes embedded Table(s)/Chart(s). Note that each table/chart should not be larger than 20% of entire page. Papers can be up to 20% longer. Shorter papers will be penalized. b. Excel-based Table(s)/Chart(s) inserted (Screen Shots) within main body are required as part of discussion, as in the working example. i. There must be a reason to use them, so do not insert any without discussing them in the paper. Do not simply place them at end of paper. 3. References a. URLs are not allowed. References must refer to actual published paper. 4. Writing Center a. As discussed during class, the Center is very helpful with writing/development of Papers and PowerPoint Presentations. There are (2) Homework Assignments for visiting the Center to get help (written confirmation required). Composition 1. Generally the paper should have the following flow for good writing quality. Note that you do not have to list each part, but it can act as a guide for each one. a. Introduction: Acts like an opening statement describing purpose of writing. b. Body/Discussion: Includes all relevant material and information for topic. The citations should be included within this. c. Conclusions/Recommendations: Conclusions act as summary of main points. Avoid simply copying statements from discussion. Recommendations can include ideas for improvement of future work on the subject. 2. Use correct grammar, and sentence construction. a. Don’t use slang, or similar remarks. b. Be objective, and avoid first-person comments, unless it is necessary. c. Common errors to avoid – i. ‘I think the growth of management in manufacturing is good because…’ ii. Run-on sentences confuse the reader. Don’t simply add ‘fill-in’ material. 3. Writing Flow a. Remember to provide clearly written statements b. Refer, in writing, to all table(s)/graph(s) embedded in paper

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