Assessment Task 3: Project and/or Plans

16 Mar

Assessment Task 3: Project and/or Plans

Student Instructions

You are the newly appointed “Chief Innovation Officer” at your workplace. Your job is to promote innovation and creativity at work, but also at the same time be aware of the reaction from your staffs. The project could include:


  • recycling coffee pods
  • “bring your own lunch”
  • promoting free time for “creative projects
  • clean bin project (see
  • bring a plant to work initiative
  • implementing collaborative tools, such as Resolver Ballot
  • or come up with something of your own

Your job is to design posters illustrating:


  • Your innovation idea (and your company background)
  • Analyse current organisational systems to identify gaps or barriers to innovation
  • Explore and analyse the impact of systems in the overall context of innovation
  • Explore and gain clarity around system objectives, particularly in relation to innovation
  • Develop a communication strategy to support the introduction of the new system
  • Research and analyse current and emerging information about the company’s systems
  • Evaluate the resources and other commitment required to foster innovation
  • Identify key people who can play a role in conceptualising or supporting new system ideas
  • Create system concepts that will foster innovation using individual and group techniques
  • Evaluate and discuss a range of ideas with relevant stakeholders
  • Clearly articulate the ways in which innovation is better supported by system ideas and options
  • Clearly articulate how the system itself is innovative
  • Expose ideas and options to ongoing testing, exploration and challenge
  • Select and refine system ideas that meet the workplace requirements and which are both feasible and innovative
  • Determine the need for specialised assistance and integrate into system planning
  • Analyse the potential impact of the new system on people, resources and other organisational practices
  • Consult with all stakeholders who will be involved with, or affected by, the new system
  • Develop an operational plan for the system, with budget, timelines and responsibilities
  • Training needs of those who will use the system and plan a learning and development strategy
  • Present and consult on system proposals with relevant people in the firm
  • Analyse and integrate feedback into the system development process
  • Determine appropriate context and parameters for the trial process
  • Initiate the trial, taking account of all required consultative, coaching and technical issues
  • Monitor and review the trial in the campaign to foster innovation
  • Open the improvement process to ongoing collaborative input and challenge
  • Adjust system to reflect evaluation feedback


Assessment Checklist


Learner Name/ID: Record Each Learner’s Results in Moodle


Performance & Knowledge Evidence C/NYC Comments
Performance Evidence    
Design a new system for the organisation that  clearly support  innovation, is  innovative and is based on:

·       analysis of the organisation’s objectives, current systems, resources and barriers in relation to innovation

·       individual and group techniques with stakeholders to generate, test and evaluate several concepts and options for the new system    
·       consult with and analyse and integrate feedback from relevant stakeholders to develop a plan for the new system that addresses    
·       the need for external assistance    
·       the impact of the new system on people, resources and other organisational practices    
·       budget, timelines, responsibilities    
·       a communication strategy    
·       a learning and development strategy    
·       open the improvement process to ongoing collaborative input and challenge    
·       adjust system to reflect evaluation feedback.    
Knowledge Evidence    
·       explain how the new system supports innovation in the organisation    
·       explain the concepts and theories of change management including ways of introducing change in different organisational contexts and change management communication strategies    
·       explain the concepts and theories of innovation and how these link to innovation in practice    
·       explain techniques for generating, testing and evaluating concepts and options for new systems    
·       analyse the technical context in which the system is being developed    
·       outline the typical ways in which systems may present barriers to innovation.    
Signed by Learner:


Signed by Assessor:




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