History of American Decorative Arts

15 Mar

For each of the following six decorative art objects, you are (1) to give a complete identification (see model) and (2) to defend your attributions of region (when appropriate) and period style in a ten-minute essay. You should assume that the materials and techniques are those that are typical for the objects’ respective period styles. In your essay you are to make it clear just exactly why you are able to identify and attribute the object in the manner that you have listed in the identification. That is, the identification (especially region, period style, and date) should be explained and justified by the essay. You should not simply describe the object; descriptive features should be mentioned only when you are going to explain their significance. 


        [name]:                                                side chair

[culture and region (if identifiable)]: American, New York City

[period style]:                                        Arts and Crafts

[date]:                                                        ca. 1900-1920


This side chair is a New York City example from the Arts and Crafts period, ca. 1900-1920, because….

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