15 Mar

Overview: For this assignment, you will produce a 2-page paper that demonstrates your ability to understand and explain complex ideas related to health and disability.

Instructions: Produce an essay that includes the following three sections. Please be certain to use subheadings in your essay. Please note, you do not need to include a reference or works cited page, as you are using materials from this class.


Section 1: Summary and Synthesis
In this section, you will summarize the new knowledge you have gained by completing the readings on the topic for this week. You must reference at least two of the assigned readings from this week, using appropriate APA (6th edition) in-text citation format (author’s last name, year of publication). You are welcome to reference more than two.

Please note, however, that your goal is to use the references as the basis for a synthesis – you are making a larger point about the topic, using the information from the references you read, as well as summaries. To do so, please address all of the following questions (broadly, drawing upon at least two references to answer each question)


  • What key ideas/information about the topic are offered in the readings?
  • How are the outcomes/impacts of these ideas/information described, measured, or evaluated (i.e., who is affected, how many, how much $, what action is occurring, 
- be clear about why this matters)?
  • Which policies/laws/programs or other large social structures/institutions are 
related to these key ideas/ information about this topic?
  • How do the readings relate to one another (are they complementary? contrasting? 
somewhat in agreement, but diverging?)

Section 2: Relevance to Health and Disability
In this section, answer

What is/(are) the idea(s) about health or disability that you are addressing?

  • How do the ideas that you explain in your summary/synthesis contribute or relate 
to this idea about health and disability?
  • How is the idea about health and disability implicitly or explicitly part of the ideas 
you explain in your summary/synthesis?

Section 3: Reflection
In this final section, you will think about your own learning and how your understandings of health and disability have grown/changed based on the reading for this particular week. This is the only section of the paper where you will use “I” language. Please address all of the following questions:

  • How did reading about this week’s topic change how you approach/understand ideas about health and/or disability?
  • What will you do differently (now or in the future) with this new understanding of health, disability, or the health of disabled people?


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