O’Net Website Review

14 Mar

O’Net Website Review

As you know, access to technology has changed the way career counselors go about providing services to clients. The breadth of resources and tools available online is exhaustive. Some information can be accessed by clients free of charge from any computer with internet access. One such site is O’Net Online. O’Net includes a wealth of valuable information on careers including electronic data on projected growth/need, salaries, and skills/education requirements. While much of this information can be accessed by clients, research shows that skilled career counselors are vital to helping individuals work through career-related decisions and challenges. Thus, being knowledgeable about such resources is vital to providing quality service.

Visit the O’Net Online site listed in your required readings for this week. From the main page, click on “Find Occupations” and select “Career Cluster”. Search for at least three different occupations on the “Browse by Career Cluster” page. After reviewing the information, address the following questions: What types of information did you find? In the capacity of a Career Counselor, would you find the information helpful? Why? Was there any downside to the website or to the way information was presented? Post should be at least 300 words. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings by Day 7.


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