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There will be a total of 3 such assignments for the following topics:

  1. ….
  2. ….
  3. Empirical evidence: CILS, PHDCN and NLSY.

(Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Study) first article in attachments

(PHDCN) second article in attachments

(National Longitudinal Survey of Youth) last article in attachments


These 3 assignments will provide the basis to complete the bulk of your term paper. ** Keep this in mind as you are writing each synthesis.


Section 1. Summarize each article reviewed for the topic.   Include a short description of the study and most important findings. This should be done in approximately 2 pages (could be longer depending on the amount of readings covered). It is ok for this section to be more informal in nature. **Do not simply transfer information from the articles. Be sure that you understand the terminology, the relationships of the variables that are being assessed in each study, etc.

Section 2a. There are major conclusions that can be distilled from the group of articles in each section. Tell me what these conclusions are—not only the conclusion of each individual article, but also their shared conclusions. This section should be approximately 3 pages.

The week on assimilation theory for instance covers how theorists and scholars have developed their understanding of what happens when immigrants come to America, and the process of assimilating into the ‘mainstream’. Some of the conclusions are that the process is not necessarily a straight-line process; that assimilation is not necessarily desirable, and that there are in fact differences in terms of outcomes such as educational attainment and criminality. **Do not just state these conclusions. Be sure to elaborate and provide examples.

Section 2b. Be sure to also write your reflection/reaction to these conclusions and place them in context.  For example, how do these conclusions compare to current myths regarding immigration? How does it compare to political, popular, and media rhetoric? Etc. ** This section (your reaction/interpretation) will help you to put together the conclusion of your term paper.


***Make sure your work is written in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spaced, with standard 1inch margins. Be sure to use in text citations and to add a simple bibliography. The total writing for each assignment should be no less than 5 pages. **Be sure to clearly separate each section with labels

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