history short written assignment

14 Mar

Short Written Assignment:

Read either

A Doll’s House

by Henrik Ibsen or

Heart of Darkness

by Joseph Conrad. You can find the

works online by putting in for your search A Doll’s House, by Henrik Ibsen

Project Gutenberg or Heart of

Darkness, by Joseph Conrad

Project Gutenberg.

If you choose to read

A Doll’s House

, answer

both of

the following qu


1. How does Torvald treat his wife Nora? What is the secret that Nora tries to keep from him?

2. Why does she decide to leave her husband? Why would this ending have shocked people back then?

If you choose to read

Heart of Darkness

, answer

both o


the following questions:


When Marlow meets Kurtz, how do his impressions of him change from what people earlier had said

about Kurtz?

2. In what ways is

Heart of Darkness

an indictment of European imperialism in the so

called Congo Free

State? How do

es Conrad use the Kurtz character to illustrate the evils of imperialism in the Congo?

Answer the questions in about one page. Provide 2 short quotes from the reading to illustrate your


The assignment is due on Friday, March 16.

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