digital archaeological exhibition

14 Mar
  • Discuss how archaeologists conduct research

–Describe in detail an archaeological method

–Provide a case study that shows how these methods help us learn about the past

  • approache

–Start with a specific method, describe it and use case studies to show how it works

  • Formatting

–Cite sources both in text and have a bibliography

  • How do archaeologists conduct their research?

–Discuss one method in detail; do not simply discuss ‘archaeology’; Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the method you are discussing, when it’s used, what does it help us determine

  • Have at least one case study

–Describe how archaeologists have collected data using said method to study the past

–Present their findings and what they mean

–Contextualize your case studies

–Not having a case study will result in automatic C or lower

  • Citations and bibliography

–Have multiple sources for your paper and cite them properly

–Use a coherent citation method (MLA, APA, Chicago) and use it properly and consistently

Failure to have a bibliography will result in an automatic failing grade

  • Pick quality sources

–Use scholarly sources, works published in peer review journals, academic books, etc.

–If you have to choose between the NYT and Science, always pick Science

–My powerpoints are not quality sources, do not use them for your final paper

–DO NOT USE Wikipedia

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