Assignment for Essay #4: Analysis of On Such a Full Sea

14 Mar

Assignment for Essay #4: Analysis of On Such a Full Sea
2000-2500 words
MLA Format:
MLA Style Guide:
MLA Template for MS Word:
Due Date:
Upload the final draft of your essay to Safe Assignment (click through the assignment for the
upload link) by 5:00 pm on
Tuesday, March 20. Paper copies of the final draft are not required.
(Reminder: be sure to upload a Safe-Assignment-compatible document format. If you are using
Apple Pages, export your document to .docx or .pdf for uploading.)
Essays will be graded on how well they meet the demands of this assignment, along with the
general grading guidelines described in the “1ABC Grading Rubric” posted to ilearn/Course
Materials. The essay’s grade will comprise 25% of the final course grade.
The Assignment:
Aim to write an argument that persuades readers to consider your interpretation of an issue
described below. Consider your interpretation as an answer to an unsettled question about the
construction of the text. Develop your answer, or
claim, with a logically sequenced chain of subclaims, and include evidence from the novel. You may introduce some evidence from sources
other than
On Such a Full Sea. Consider using Chapter 5 of A Brief Guide to Arguing about
as a guide for helping you formulate and organize your essay.
Suggested Topics:
1. An issue of pattern and theme: One complex feature of On Such a Full Sea is its
narrators’ reluctance to stick with Fan’s tale as they tell it, instead intertwining it with
other stories about the community itself in the wake of Fan’s departure. How do you
think readers should best understand the intertwining of Fan’s journey with the narration
of events at B-Mor?
2. An issue of
causality: Clearly, the story of Fan is being told (and perhaps invented) by
the community of B-Mor, but why? What does telling the story seem to do for them?
What, in your opinion, is the B-Mors’ purpose in dwelling on the tale of Fan? As is
described on page 61 of
A Brief Guide to Arguing about Literature, you may find it
helpful to rephrase the question to focus on the author’s choices: Why does Lee invent a
community storyteller that reflects as much on the community itself as it does on the
story of one of its erstwhile members? (With this essay topic, you might also choose to
focus on
effect: Does the community seem to get what it wants from telling Fan’s story?)
3. An issue of
symbolism: Interpret the symbol of submersion in the novel (You are not
required to use the term, submersion. I’m using it as a catchall to include all of the
underwater scenes and events of the story, along with those that can be understood as
metaphorical submersion.) How can readers understand its significance?

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