14 Mar

Part I:

Find a scholarly, empirical article.  Save the article and p rint it out.  You willneed to bring a paper copy of the article to lab so you can share it with your team.

Part II:

Read the article and then answer the following questions.


Create an APA style citation for the article.


What is the hypothesis/hypotheses of the study?Restate it in your own words.


Identify and describe 2 –3 studies in the Introduction that support the hypothesis/hypotheses.  That is, what past research did the authors cite to support the hypotheses they’ve generated?


Who were the participants in the study?


What are the main conceptual variables used in this study?  How was each variable operationally defined?


Identify the claim of the article, and explain the method the researchers used to support that particular claim (e.g., “The authors made a frequency claim…The research method used to support the claim was…”)


What were the main findings of the article?  In your response,

discuss whether the authors’ hypotheses were supported or not supporte


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