Part 3 – Personal Project

13 Mar

Part 3 – Personal Project

Summary of Learning Assignment


What does this project entail?

You will create a Summary of Learning that captures and describes your personal growth and key learning throughout the first eight weeks of our MGT 370 course. This is your opportunity to reflect on your learning and how you’ve taken the course learning and used that learning in your daily life.


It is also a chance to use your creativity to make something that is unique. As such you have quite a bit of latitude in how you put this assignment together. You may choose from either a personal blog, website, or podcast. An example is writing a weekly blog entry with your learning and take-aways from the week along with further information about the topic or links to further information, etc. Another example is using a website as your personal portfolio for the course learning and sharing with photographs, graphs, details, etc. Another example is either a podcast or personal video—a 2-5 minute recording per week reflecting on your learning and growth during that week.


Remember that this is an assignment for MGT 370, which means that whatever you discuss you need to relate back to MGT 370 learning, concepts, etc. You can talk about other things that happened during the week, for example, but you must relate it back to MGT 370.



What can I use to complete this assignment?

You can utilize a number of different formats: personal blogs, personal webpages, or personal podcasts or videos.



How will I be graded for this assignment?

See the assignment rubric on Canvas for details.



Helpful resources to get you started:

Blog platforms comparison and information:


Website platforms and Information:


Podcasting and Information:


How do I turn in my work?

Whether you use a blog, website, or podcast, you will need to submit the blog link, website link, or podcast (file or link) on Canvas. Make sure to test your Canvas submission so that it works! The professor must be able to use the link provided to view and grade your work—if your work cannot be viewed, it cannot be graded and you will earn zero points for this assignment.



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