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13 Mar


  1. What happens when I find out that I need to update my knowledge in academic or work?
  2. How to notify others, how to make sure that others have been notified?


[2018-1-6 ]
1) Example of establishing two way communication and how you facilitated this process

2) Please give an example of a work or academic experience you felt particularly motivated. What did you do, what was the outcome?



  1. Give an example of a time when you feel there should be better awareness of how to deal with ethical dilemma in the organization。
  2. Give an example of 因为你的limitation led to under performance。What did you do and was the outcome。



  1. Frequent disruption to your work。How to deal and what’s the outcome。
  2. Tell me one meaningful accomplishment out of your work,how to make that accomplishment。

written questionPlease write an email to the involved alumni because you know this alum might have an opportunity for you to get an internship work(250 words)



  1. Say one you have encountered ethical dilemma。
  1. Say that there is a disagreement between members in a teamwork. How do you handle it? How is the result?


1、something went wrong in teamwork, how you solve it

2、The exam results at the beginning of the semester are not ideal. What will you do later?



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