Research Essay

07 Nov

Writing a research paper about a story, novel, film or poem is much like writing about an issue. Essays must still take a position on an issue; however, the issue will be one raised by the text. As a result, research will include looking for books and articles about the literary text, the time period, and the specific issue addressed in your essay.

For example, the argument that Charlotte Perkins Gilman uses images of entrapment to challenge the patriarchal oppression of women would look at the following types of sources:
Critical analyses of the story
Sources about the historical period.
Articles about women’s oppression, patriarchy, and/or its connections to women’s health/medical treatment.

Research Essay

For your final essay you will write an argumentative research essay about one of the texts from our course anthology. You may choose any aspect of the text that interests you as long as you can sustain an extended analysis. You may not write about a text you have already written about.

In evaluating your essays, I will be looking for the following: a clear thesis; a strong defense for that thesis grounded in textual evidence; an organizational structure that leads from one point coherently to the next; and a thorough analysis of evidence and examples.

I will not accept any late research essays.

Research Paper Guidelines:
Research essay should be 6-8 pages, typed and double-spaced.
All essays should include an additional works cited page documenting all outside sources. This should be in MLA format.
Essays should include a minimum of 5 secondary sources—books or articles/essays. All online sources must be retrieved through a library database. All sources must be peer-reviewed. The final works cited will include 6 sources: 1 primary text and 5 secondary sources.

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