Clinical Field Experience

07 Nov

Volunteer for a total of 6 hours with one or more organizations in your community that help elementary-age students and their families live healthy, more productive lives.
I choose the Boys & Girls Club of North Alabama – James A. Lane Center in Huntsville, AL
Before coming in I thought all students would be mostly girls
but after working I noticed it was more boys than girls I worked with ages groups 5-12 (boys&girls)
I thought because the center was put into by the housing authourity that most students would be from the housing community. After voultneering I noticed most members were from other locations even surbans areas.
Before coming in I though it was a Low income area, predominantly black students but after working I notice it was a mixed ethnicity group from black, white, Hispanic but majority were African american.


In 250-500-words, discuss your frames of reference (e.g., culture, gender, language, abilities and ways of knowing) and whether they changed or stayed the same based on your service activities.
What expectations did you have before your experience?
How have your frames of reference affected your expectations throughout this experience?
Based on this experience, reflect on any takeaways that would be well-suited for teaching practices.

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